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See what the press and our users are saying about  iRingPro tones. 

Cool sounds and—gasp!—actual silence elevate these ringtones to a new level.
— Susie Ochs. Senior Editor - MacLife Magazine
The coolest, most civilized ringtones I’ve ever heard. iRingPro has fused art, function, and social etiquette into one cool must-have option for any high-tech professional.
— Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman / CEO, X PRIZE Foundation
5-Star Editor’s Choice Award
iRingPro’s collections offer ringtones of sophisticated taste and style. But they’re more than just nifty sounds—they’re thoughtfully designed for the needs of the iPhone user, who, let’s face it, is used to a top-notch experience all around.
— MacLife Magazine
Macworld: Hot stuff! iRingPro gives you 21 subtle and pretty ringtones for the iPhone... If you’re the kind of mellow person who wants your iPhone’s ringer to sound like a gentle chime, these are the ringtones for you.
— Jason Snell, VP, Sr. Director / Macworld
At PIXAR I’m surrounded by the merging of art and technology; we often say, ‘Art challenges technology and technology inspires art’. I can honestly say - this is the first time a phone’s ring has entered that territory. iRingPro is functional art for your phone.
— Patrick Lin. Director of Photography / Pixar's 'UP' / PIXAR
These aren’t your nephew’s ringtones. Instead, you get a serene but noticeable series of notes that won’t elicit strange looks in the board room. ...they’re quite nice. Please, if you’re the downloading type, consider iRingPro.
— Dave Caolo, The Unofficial Apple Weblog
Until now, you’ve had two alternatives: Feel like a dork with an annoying factory ringtone, or feel like a wannabe with some random pop song. iRingPro has created cool ringers that are not trite, obnoxious or intrusive. Instead they are understated and cool. Perfect, don’t know what took so long...
— Mark McNeely, Entrepreneur
I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but iRingPro is, indeed, the Aston Martin - the Rolex of ringtones.”
— Tim Smith, Founder, Principle - Applied Design Group
iRingPro Ringtones are the smartest, simplest accessory for the cell phone, and have unquestionably lowered my day to day stress. Until your phone’s ringer evokes ‘calm’, you just have no idea.
— Fred Macdonald, Entrepreneur
We absolutely love having alternatives to the iPhone’s built-in ringtones without having to resort to pop music. As for my phone, I’m sorry, Axl, but iRingPro just gave you the axe.
— Editors: MacLife Magazine